Tesla body kit – Increase Car Performance

If you have driven a Tesla, you know that it is super-fast and responsive to commands. These electric vehicles are sought after in terms of speed, design, and electric motor. Installing an appropriate Tesla body kit will boost your car’s aesthetic value, which gives you higher bargaining power. Not only will it increase the resale value but it will also give your car’s performance a boost. Getting these body kits will augment the aerodynamics and maneuverability

Maxton Designs UK has a lineup of Tesla body kit that will maximize luxury. We have a broad range of side skirts, rear side splitters, spoiler extensions, and much more. Our motto is a premium installation for improved car performance. We ensure that the body kit you pick is the right fit for your vehicle.

So which Tesla body kit is known to increase car performance?

Spoilers by Maxton Designs UK help in reducing the drag on an automobile. When you drive, the wind pushes against the car which decreases speed. Adding a spoiler to your Tesla will disrupt the airflow and direct the air upwards. In addition, the air will split in half and diminishes the force on the car. Spoiler Extension V2 Tesla Model X is the best Tesla body kit. Made with ABS plastic, this spoiler is flexible to withstand pressure.

Tesla body kits are also about the illusion. Side skirts attach to the bottom of the car’s frame, which makes the vehicle look bigger and closer to the ground. Owing to wind flow under your car, Tesla encounters wind resistance, making your car go slower. Getting a side skirt as your Tesla body kit will ultimately increase your car’s performance. Side Skirts Diffusers Tesla Model S Facelift (2016- ) is impressive as it offers three different surfaces: textured, carbon look, and glossy black. This side skirt will direct the airflow away from the vehicle’s bottom and increase the speed.

Maxton Designs UK is all about quality. We focus on the professional installation of Tesla body kits so that your car outperforms your expectation. Contact our customer service provider for more information.