House extensions North London – Things you need to know

House extensions are no easy feat and require you to hire professionals to conduct the task successfully. Moreover, professional service is imperative given that you and your family have to live in the house. BCS Builders and Contractors are professionals in North London when constructing and renovating commercial and residential properties.

We offer an all-in-one solution where our services extend from designing the building to adding a new storey. We strive to deliver high-quality plumbing, decorating, painting and carpentry jobs, etc. Our motto is to ensure that your dreams convert into reality and receive house extensions that give a luxurious feel.
There are a couple of things you should keep in mind when it comes to investing in house extensions North London:

Aim of house extension
What is it that your wish to achieve with this house extension? Do you want an extra bedroom? Do you want to expand the living area or do you want more rooms upstairs to rent it out? The purpose of house extension will allow BCS builders and contractors to advise you the right kind of alterations.

Your precise budget
House extensions North London will naturally cost your money. However, you must be aware of the budget that you can utilize easily. The first thing that our customer service agent will inquire about is the available budget. Deciding a budget will help us provide you several options to choose from rather than being disappointed by choosing a pricey design. When you hire BCS Builders, we will give you a transparent breakdown of the fees and costs. It will allow you to manage the expenses appropriately.

Time required to complete the project
House extensions North London will never happen overnight. There are several factors involved. For starters, you will have to design, then get planning permissions, buy materials and then construct. Before building house extensions, you must understand the time it will take and the time accessible. You can tell us your limitations in terms of time, and our team of professionals will complete the project or advise you of innovative solutions.

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