Step by Step Guide to Cleaning uPVC double Glazed sash windows in Peterborough

Do you want durable and long-lasting windows? Opt for the modern uPVC double glazed sash windows because they are low maintenance and offer several advantages that are lacking in timber sashes. However, you must indulge in regular cleaning sessions for these windows to last a long time. Cleaning these windows often will keep their aesthetics and function intact.

It is recommended that sash windows be cleaned twice a year to make the task easier. Homeefe offers a step by step guide in how to clean your uPVC double glazed sash windows in Peterborough:

Step 1: Remove Excess Dust
Initially, you need to open the window as wide as possible and loosen the cobwebs, dust, and dirt accumulated utilizing an old brush. After that, clear the dust using a vacuum cleaner. It is crucial; otherwise, the cleaning process can get messy.

Step 2: Create an environmentally friendly solution.
UPVC double glazed sash windows do not require abrasive cleaning products. Homeefe suggests that you create a homemade solution for cleaning the window. Mix white vinegar and warm water or get an eco-friendly cleaner specifically designed to clean uPVC windows. Utilize a soft cloth or a sponge, dip it in the solution and wipe the window. It is best to use a white color to avoid the risk of leaving the color of the cloth on the window frame. Don’t forget to wipe the window sills as well. Remember that chemical-based solutions can damage the uPVC frames.

Step 3: Get rid of excess water.
Use a soft clean cloth and rub in circular motions. Once all the dirt is cleaned off the uPVC double glazed sash window in Peterborough, make sure you remove excess water. With this process, your windows will look almost new. If you still see spots, spray the vinegar and water solution and let it soak for 10 minutes. Wipe off the mix from the uPVC window.

Sash windows sold and installed by Homeefe are incredibly durable and require little maintenance. It is a significant selling point and the reason for a drastic shift to uPVC double glazed sash windows in Peterborough. We take pride in offering top-quality material that can withstand environmental and weather conditions.