All-inclusive Roller Training Courses

Are you looking to work on a construction site? Are you particularly interested in driving a roller? If you are searching for roller training courses, then Construction and Plant Training Services is the best one you can find. You will need proper certification and critical knowledge to drive a roller effectively.

We are a leading course provider in the UK with professional instructors. Our roller training courses are designed to improve your construction career prospects. We have patient instructors who will ensure that you get all the skills essential to pass the formal certification and score lucrative projects. The roller courses are segmented into two parts; one deals with the theoretical portion of learning, while the second delivers a hands-on experience to accelerate the process.

Theoretical Features of the Course
The roller training course developed by Construction and Plant Training Services is detailed and covers a wide range of aspects related to rollers’ operation in a construction project. The course incorporates an introduction to the construction industry, talks about the legislation that drivers will need to follow, the codes with heavy equipment, what the roller driver will be responsible for. The roller training course gives information on the machinery controls and how to manage any issues with the equipment.

Practical Features of the Training
At Construction and Plant Training Services, we believe that a roller training course should allow the participants to experience the field and machine. For this reason, we have devised a course that offers first-hand practice on the rollers. It lets the students gain familiarity with the equipment, see where each control is, and use it a couple of times to gain confidence. Our practical segment of the training includes several exercises such as preparing the ride-on roller for work, rolling and compacting, rolling on diverse surfaces and curves, etc.

Roller training courses at Construction and Plant Training Services are designed to equip operators with the essential safe and productive performance skills. After completing the training, the participants will receive the CPCS roller ticket. Get this training from our qualified instructors and secure a job that pays approximately £28,000 on average.